Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Basquiat - Early Favourite

I've long been a fan of graffiti and in turn Jean-Michel Basquiat. I saw a show of his in Venice 6 or 7 years ago and was instantly hooked. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be in NY when the Brooklyn Museum put on an amazing display of his work. My girlfriend bought me this T-Shirt in the museum store. It is made by 2kshirts and they have a great collection of T's here . The cotton is nothing special but the colour is great, really lemony and the design works on a couple of levels. I guess most people think its some sort of statement about the wearer (hey at least my girlfriend thinks I'm ideal right!?) but you occasionally get a knowing look of respect from fellow graffiti/Basquiat enthusiats. Check out the site for a wide selection, my only beef is the excessive delivery charges they have, especially for international orders, I mean how much does a T-Shirt weigh right?


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